Witchy Woman: Stevie Nicks Transcends Age, Stage, Style

Witchy Woman: Stevie Nicks Transcends Age, Stage, Style

From WKU Herald - By Kae Holloway

A true witchy woman has inspired me this week. From reading through stories about Wiccans, to poring through style photos from Coachella, hints of Stevie Nicks have been everywhere.

The singer-songwriter, defined by New York Magazine as the fairy godmother of rock, has spent over 40 years defining music and her slightly bohemian, slightly witchy and always mysterious style.

Whether she tries to or not (and knowing what we do about Ms. Nicks, probably not) her flowey, gypsy looks are enviable, carefree and sexy, and they show a natural approach to fashion.

Beyonce may have popularized the lyrics “I woke up like this,” but Nicks truly embodies it. It looks like she really could have just woken up in one of her silky, flowey gowns and a shawl, gliding out of a dream with “Edge of Seventeen” or “Rhiannon” playing softly in the background. Ooh, baby, ooh.

Some of her looks have gone on to be featured in the costume department of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and exhibited with D.C.’s National Women in the Arts organization.

Fans have flocked to following in her fashion footsteps, donning flowing dresses, stocking up on shawls and letting their long locks flow. Dressing like a rock icon is exciting, different and gives you a relaxed yet stylish look for the day.

If you’re going to portray this witchy woman, definitely invest in (surprise, surprise) anything and everything flowey, especially shawls or kimonos. H&M and Forever 21 both carry cheap, beautiful kimonos. If you’re willing to spend a little more, I’ve also found some covetable kimonos on Asos.

I recommend investing in the color black. Many of Nicks’ best stage looks involved her wearing flowing black dresses, sporting a red lip and adorning her head with various pieces, ranging from a small top hat to a loosely knitted, 20s-inspired head shawl.

Depending on what era of Nick's you’re trying to portray, a pair of bellbottoms wouldn’t hurt either. If Urban Outfitters or Free People don’t carry those, it might mean a trip to your local thrift store to find this 70s trend.

As far as makeup goes, just have fun with it. If you’re going for darker shades, play with darker eye makeup and a red lip. If it’s a more natural color palette, stick with black eyeliner and a more natural face. This may sound cliché, but I always feel like the most “Stevie”-inspired days are rainy ones. Seriously, put on “Rumors” and pore through your wardrobe. The spirit of Stevie will guide your fashion choices.