Stevie Nicks Shares Stunning Unreleased Version of 'Wild Heart': Exclusive Premiere

Stevie Nicks Shares Stunning Unreleased Version of 'Wild Heart': Exclusive Premiere

While the pair will arrive on Nov. 4, today (Oct. 27) Nicks is premiering a previously unreleased session version of "Wild Heart" exclusively with Billboard. The sweeping song arrived as the third single off the 2x platinum The Wild Heart and was made famous from a video in which Nicks sings along to an early demo of the song while having her makeup applied for a Rolling Stone photo shoot. This newly arrived version evokes much of that same raw energy.

"I've had so much fun reliving the making of Bella Donna and The Wild Heart while working on the liner notes and listening to all of the alternate versions and demo takes,” Nicks said in the press release. “The liner notes are so much more than liner notes. They are like a little novel. I tried to make whoever reads this feel like they were there. I think...I succeeded...." Stevie Nicks kicked off her highly anticipated 24 Karat Gold Tour earlier this week, on Oct. 25. The ever-intriguing powerhouse performer boasts seven successful solo studio albums -- surely enough material to craft a compelling setlist -- though Nicks decided the more music, the better. As a result, she is releasing deluxe editions of her first two albums: 1981's Bella Donna and 1983's The Wild Heart.

Bella Donna will include unreleased versions of her hits "Edge of Seventeen" and "Leather and Lace" along with other rarities off various soundtracks such as "Blue Lamp" from Heavy Metal and "Sleeping Angel" off Fast Times At Ridgemont High.Additionally, recordings from a 1981 concert will be included on the album as well. 

As for The Wild Heart, hits such as "Stand Back" -- which will also have a B-side -- and "Nightbird" are revitalized, as is the Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers' collaborative track "I Will Run To You." More so, a handful of previously unreleased versions (in addition to "Wild Heart") will further fill out the album.

Until the deluxe editions of each album arrive, give the newly surfaced version of "Wild Heart" a listen below.