Fleetwood Mac The Dance

Fleetwood Mac The Dance

Stevie Nicks – vocals, tambourine
Lindsey Buckingham – guitar, banjo, vocals
Christine McVie – keyboards, piano, vocals, accordion
John McVie – bass, background vocals on "Say You Love Me"
Mick Fleetwood – drums, percussion

Additional Personnel

Brett Tuggle – keyboards, guitar, background vocals
Neale Heywood – guitar, background vocals
Lenny Castro – percussion
Sharon Celani – background vocals
Mindy Stein – background vocals
U.S.C. Trojan Marching Band, Dr. Arthur C. Bartner – Director

CD Production

Producers: Lindsey Buckingham, Elliot Scheiner
Engineers: Guy Charbonneau, Barry Goldberg, Elliot Scheiner
Assistant Engineers: Charlie Bouis, John Nelson
Mastering: Ted Jensen
Mixing: Elliot Scheiner
Technical assistance: Ted Barela, David Gallo, Eric Johnston
Digital editing: Paul DeCarli, Scott Humphrey
Photography: David LaChapelle, Neal Preston

Video Production

Producers: Lindsey Buckingham, Elliot Scheiner
Director: Bruce Gower
Photography: David LaChapelle, Neal Preston
Recording: Barry Goldberg, Elliot Scheiner
Mixing: Elliot Scheiner
Director, USC Marching Band: Dr. Arthur C. Bartner

Fleetwood Mac Aug 19, 1997 Reprise
  1. The Chain

  2. Dreams

  3. Everywhere

  4. Rhiannon

  5. I'm So Afraid

  6. Temporary One

  7. Bleed to Love Her

  8. Big Love

  9. Landslide

  10. Say You Love Me

  11. My Little Demon

  12. Silver Springs

  13. You Make Loving Fun

  14. Sweet Girl

  15. Go Your Own Way

  16. Don't Stop