Fleetwood Mac Live

Fleetwood Mac Live

Stevie Nicks – vocals
Lindsey Buckingham – guitar, vocals
Christine McVie – keyboards, vocals
John McVie – bass
Mick Fleetwood – drums, percussion

Additional Personnel

Ray Lindsey – Additional Guitar On "Go Your Own Way"
Tony Toadaro – Additional Percusion
Jeffery Sova – Additional Keyboards

Producers: Richard Dashut, Ken Caillat, Fleetwood Mac
Live Recording: Ken Caillat, Biff Dawes
Mix-Down Engineers: Ken Caillat, Richard Dashut
Live Engineerings: Trip Khalaf, Richard Dashut
Studio Recording Assistants: Carla Frederick, Rich Feldman, David (Dominguez) Ahlert
Mastering: Ken Perry
Art Direction & Design: Larry Vigon
Cover Photography: Chris Callis
Collage Photography: Sam Emerson, Chris Callis, Sharon Weisz
Mixed at: George Massenburg Studios
Digitally Mixed and Mastered by: Soundstream Inc.
Mastered by: Ken Perry
Disc Cutting by: Capitol Records West Coast and Bob Ludwig, Master Disc East Coast

Fleetwood Mac Dec 8, 1980 Warner Brothers
  1. Monday Morning

  2. Say You Love Me

  3. Dreams

  4. Oh Well

  5. Over & Over

  6. Sara

  7. Not That Funny

  8. Never Going Back Again

  9. Landslide

  10. Fireflies

  11. Over My Head

  12. Rhiannon

  13. Don't Let Me Down Again

  14. One More Night

  15. Go Your Own Way

  16. Don't Stop

  17. I'm So Afraid

  18. The Farmer's Daughter